Fang is a pitch black cat with a light gray muzzle, light gray paws, a light gray chest and pale, cold, lifeless yellow eyes. He has two scars crossing over his left eye and a torn left ear.


Fang was born a kit, like every other cat. He was no better than any other kit, but no worse either. But Fang was judged critically by the other cats in the forest by his mother and father. His mother, Darknight, and his father, Bloodfang were both cats infamous of stealing prey and killing others. So, after both of his parents died (which was no big loss because they bit, scratched and abused him as a baby) Fang decided to discover the world on his own. And of course, like it was told in the beginning, he was judged by his parents. But Fang was partially to blame. Instead of trying to prove himself to the other cats, he seeked revenge. He found out the reason for why his parents loved to kill. He was satisfied by his claws ripping fur and warm blood gushing from his victim as they went limp in his paws. Fang became the most evil cat the forest has ever seen. But his real story began when he met to young cats...

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