Lily is a gray she-cat with thick black tiger stripes and green eyes. She is the sister of Tiger and the best friend of Blossom.



Lily was born a warm spring evening. She opened her eyes, only to see a dark gray tom-cat, a pretty light orange she-cat, and a dark orange tom-kit looming over her. These cats were her family. Her mother was Flare, her father was Smoke, and her brother was Tiger. Her mother nuzzled her affectionately. "And this one will be Lily." Flare gave Lily a warm look. "Tiger Lily?" asked Smoke. "Yes. This way they know that they have an inseperable bond as brother and sister. They will have to be fierce as a Tiger, but also serene and calm like a Lily. With those elements balanced, they will grow to be wise, strong warriors." Smoke wrapped his tail around his two kits. "They'll have to be wise and strong," he said, his blue gaze darkening," because who knows how much longer we'll be with our kits before we leave this world and join our ancestors?" Flare shared a knowing glance with him. "Well then, our kits will have to discover the world for themselves."

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